Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Starting the Commune

I didn't start the Commune!  Hey, that's Billy Joel, right?! (fake interrabang)  Ah, Billy Joel, the worst piano player who never should have started to sing.  And there's some competition there, believe me!

I think I'm getting the idea of this blitz writing, though.  Shifting from one source to another in between phone calls, pretty good.  Fact-based, entirely.

Bismarck is the guy who always pokes his head up wherever in 1870 I go.  Maybe my next book needs to be about him.  Or BY him!  There's the ticket!

History does get in the way of building a narrative, though.  It always horns in with, "No, that's not the way it really was!"  At least when you're writing about the future it never kicks over the traces to say, "That could never happen in a million years!"  And if the future did stick its busybody nose in like that, you could always change things to start out, "A miilion and one years from now ... "   Am I right?   !

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